• I usually stay and watch the end credits.
  • I try to stay and watch the end credits. I remember taking a film course and the Professor remarking about how staying was a sign of respect for all the people who worked hard putting the movie together. Never forgot that;)
  • Leave, as soon as the least scene of the movie ends.
  • I stay only if I am watching the first showing, or I am its the movie first week opening, just to see if theirs something in the end
  • I leave once the final scene is over. But, I've got a cousing who religiously reads the end credits. I mean he reads EVERY NAME that scrolls up! You would think it was too many names to remember... but, he remembers them.
  • I often stay & watch the end credits, if I don't know who some of the people are in the movie & want to see. +5
  • I used to Rush out so I could make out with my date but now I just watch the credits and sometimes there is extra scenes~~an a blooopers segment
  • Yes i leave as soon as the last scene ends
  • I leave as soon as the movie ends. Im out of there to beat the crowd.
  • I used to leave as soon as the "credits" started rolling. But one time I saw a movie called "Young Sherlock Holmes", by Steven Spielberg, and something happened at the very end of the credits, that changed your whole "take" on the movie and the plot line. So. . . .now. . . .I stay!
  • I used to stay and read the credits just to see what jobs people did on the movie. Some of them have very strange sounding names but now my gf elbows me and says it's time to go after the last scene.
  • I always stay for the credits. I know a lot of people in the industry and I stay to see their names. +5
  • I always stay and watch the credits. This way I know who did what in the movie and it gives me time while everyone else is pushing and shoving to get out first. Then I take a leisurely stroll to my car after all the rush is already over.
  • I watch, if there is some there is some action going on, or cut screens or something, other wise no, cos i hate when cinema worker switches light on, and it seems that he is waiting you to leave
  • I always try to watch the credits. Sometimes the person I'm with is too impatient, though. I recommend it. Not only is it showing some appreciation for all the hundreds of "little" people that made the movie possible, but occasionally the filmmaker will throw an important "secret" scene or a gag reel in there.
  • i typically make it through about 1/2 the credits ... even time to see if there is a bonus scene and to let the crowds thin out
  • I can't even if I want to cause here as soon as the movie finishes and the credit comes up they turn on the lights so you can't see anything on the screen and people start to leave.
  • If I am on my own, I will stay and watch the credits. If I'm with my son or boyfriend, they want to get out asap.
  • Stay and watch the credits. If you walked out early on Mama Mia, you missed the best part of the show!!
  • I'm OUTTA THERE!!! lol Good question slick78!!! +6
  • depends on the movie... if I think therwe might be more scenes after the credits I typically stay. if not, I will leave so I can avoid some of the crowd. +4
  • Film critics suggest to watch the full end credits, but tbh I don't.
  • Sure. Usually we just wait for the crowd to clear out a bit, and then get up and leave. The credits have been known to roll, while we're waiting, especially if it was crowded. +5
  • Depends on where I sit and how crowded it is.
  • We are usually the last to leave the theater. There have been some films that had outtakes toward the end or other special "treats" for the audience. I also think it is rude to leave before all the credit have been is a slight to some of those who were instrumental in making that movie and we are never so pressed for time that we can't take a few extra minutes to be respectful. :)
  • Depends if there is a good song or not
  • Watch the end credits. Used to keep track of behind the scenes creators and give silent kuddos for jobs well done.

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