• Have the northern lights been explained for sure? Also, there is the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Black holes certainly aren't well understood, especially the chewy, possibly infinitely dense centers. The exact process for the origin of life on Earth is another big mystery that springs to mind. Further back, why does the Universe exist? How big is it really? Where's the missing matter (what is Dark Matter?), or possibly what's wrong with the current theory of gravity which makes it look like 90% or so of matter is missing? Why is the rate of expansion of the Universe accelerating? (i.e. what exactly is Dark Energy) What is the ultimate fate of the Universe? Is there life on other planets? Is there intelligent life on other planets? What is the origin of "mass"? Why are the particles in the "Standard Model" the way they are? Is there a grand simplicity lurking behind the complexity? Are time and space quantized in some way? Is there a limit on how small things can get? ... that's just a start.
  • Science still not yet covered all the planets on the universe.Searches are still going on and there is an exact probability that they gonna find more and more things in the universe.Even they haven't find the mystery of mars yet.
  • ... Science cannot understand very well why a YAWN passes on to people around you. Some say psychological factors, some say neural transmissions.. but still amazing !
  • The big bloop.
  • Why do you always end up with an odd number of socks when you do laundry? Where does the other one go?
  • this is interesting

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