• I liked this film because it gives us hope that people who come from nothing, or loose everything have a chance to be someone if we work hard, and are persistent. It is unfortunate that statistically this doesn't happen as often as we'd like it to.
  • No, it has several inaccuracies in order to humanize the protagonist (but also to keep the movie from running too long). For e.g. Christopher Greene had a daughter in addition to his son, he was never hit by the IRS and his son was a baby at the time of the events. Ther reason his son is older is so Will Smith could get his son a role in the movie (aka nepotism). Furthermore the acting isn't even that great and many of the fictionalized events of the film are just there to keep it from getting too boring and are for the most part unbelievable, e.g. Chris getting hit by a car and recovering immediately, the crazy hippie who steals the bone scanner. Also this kind of movie comes every year in an attempt to win Oscar nominations. Take a bankable actor (Will Smith) put hin a bio-pic in which the protagonist overcomes overwhelming adversity to succeed, while removing anything that would cause the protagonist to appear less than angelic, then release the movie around Oscar season. Compare with A Beutiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Ali,
  • I found this film nice and entertaining. Maybe not a masterpiece, but worth seeing and optimistic. "The beauty of the film is its honesty. In its outlines, it's nothing like the usual success story depicted onscreen, in which, after a reasonable interval of disappointment, success arrives wrapped in a ribbon and a bow. Instead, this success story follows the pattern most common in life - it chronicles a series of soul-sickening failures and defeats, missed opportunities, sure things that didn't quite happen, all of which are accompanied by a concomitant accretion of barely perceptible victories that gradually amount to something. In other words, it all feels real." Source and further information:
  • Í'd say ÄWESOME
  • Yes. It's a feel good movie. A success story. We like that. It was a real good look at someone who would not give up. I enjoyed it.
  • Have not seen it, however I do see potential problems on the horizon.
  • i havent seen it

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