• Yes. A bunch of freinds of both genders. No and No.
  • Yes, I won! (Thank God..)
  • Yes, with my ex-drinking buddies the lifegaurds at the public pool. No, I lost horrifically. And no, I wasn't particularly embarassed.
  • Wow! This is how I met my first wife. We each lost and we looked each other over very carefully. When we stopped laughing we began to talk. One word led to another and the next thing we knew the word was, "yes!" I wouldn't do it again, because as bad as I looked then, I look even worse now.
  • my guy tried to teach me poker one night camping using this method, however i was naked afte only a few hands so i cheated and took his off without winning and then the card game just got forgotten. i was not at all embarassed. and yes i have tried the same tactic to learning again. i got a little better i legitimately get one or two articles of his clothing now but it always ends the same way otherwise. dam is it camping season again yet?
  • I played it with Brittney Spears and she lost so she had to shave her head
  • In order: yes, a cute girl in high school, no, no, yes.
  • Yes I have. No, I didn't win, nor was I embarrassed
  • Not since I was in my teens – but it was a ton of fun – especially since I knew how to play poker and the boys always thought they had the edge...Sometimes I lost on purpose! It was exciting times back then :-)
  • I don't know how to play regular poker, but losing my clothes doesn't embarass me as long as I get them back after the game.
  • Yes. You wouldn't know "who." I lost both times. I was not particularly embarrassed. First time: 1 other guy and a girl. I lost, then she lost. Last time: 2 other guys and a girl. I lost, then another guy lost, then she lost.
  • It didn't go very far because I was with a bunch of chickens. No I wasn't playing poker with actual chickens.
  • Yeah. I've played it once. I was 18 and it was with me, my boyfriend, and another couple we were both pretty good friends with. Me and the other girl lost pretty quick. My boyfriend came in third, he didn't have to take everything off. But, I was so drunkt that I wasn't really embarrased. It wasn't really all that weird or anything. I don't think I would do it again
  • I played against two girls (and too many dudes) but us guys cheated our pants off (pun very much intended). Now I just play online at
  • Yes, and I "lost" -- but that's a form of winning, isn't it? I lost just about every hand. No, I wasn't embarrassed. It's not as if he hadn't seen any of it before. Besides, I have no reason to be embarrassed. The game was good, and what came after was even more fun! I'll play again.
  • yes - me and three boys, just kids, but even so, I lost and had to take off my top and they grinned. Dunno why, there wasn't anything to see....
  • Yes, I have played with my bf. I suppose I "lost" (not that I minded) but then we both won! Was I embarrassed? No, not at all. Why would I be? It's nothing he hasn't seen.
  • Yes I have played with a woman. We were in our early twenties.I lost. I was excited.
  • yes played with my boyfriend and a couple of friends,nope wasnt embarrassed because i only lost my shoes,but my boyfriend sure was bcoz he lost the full monty
  • Yes, with a group of friends in high school. I can't remember who won. I wasn't embarrassed ... I'd guess you'd say we were all a little titillated, and probably drunk. I think I did end up absolutely naked, so I guess whoever did win, it wasn't me! I think the game didn't end, actually.

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