• Honestly anytime I put something in my ear like alcohol, which dries water up or swimmers ear, it makes it worse. But, hey atleast it tickles. Normally after a week or so it might pop open. But I will never put anything in both ears again.
  • Try jumping up and down!!
  • I could be water just lie down and it will come out.
  • An old trick and it works, a blow dryer, a few inches away from the ear. on low/warm.
  • spend a month in the Gobi desert
  • try a tap dance or swinging on a trapeze-howabout bieng shot out of a cannon-or this might be extreme use ear plugs when immersed in water
  • There are several ways, by my experience. (I've had many ear problems growing up, so I'm somewhat familiar with this problem!) The water trapped in your ear is likly NOT behind the ear drum, by your description. That is a whole 'nuther issue. That water can only drain through the Eustatian Tube which leads from your inner ear to your throat. Water in the ear can be irritating and require patience. But here are some ways to help: When you sleep or nap, sleep with that ear down to facilliltate drainage. Use ear drops to help "entrain" the fluid and get it to drain out. Put a couple drops in the affected ear and let them run all the way down. Then turn your head so that ear is pointed down and encourage drainage by gently tugging on your ear and wiggling the ear around a little. You can also use plain water, like in a shower, and do the same thing. You can make your own ear drops using a 50% mixture of hydrogen peroxide (available from the local drug store...this is 3% hydrogen peroxide in the bottle) and water. The foaming action of this will help as well. Other motions you can make that will help include anything which gives a gentle bouncing motion or what-not: shaking your head, leaning the head with the ear down and gently shaking or tapping the head, jogging and tilting the ear down, jumping, etc. Do NOT stick something inside your ear to try to get the water out (like Q-tips). The ear drum is delicate and even if you don't cause any serious immediate damage, the rubbing motion of the Q-tip can abrade the inner skins of the ear, which may lead to infections. Finally, if you know how to pop your ears, this may help. Popping your ears involves taking a breath, closing your mouth, holding your nose shut, and trying to breath out your nose. This increases the pressure of the air in your throat and forces air through the Eustatian Tubes and into your inner ear, evvectively clearing that tube. If you have water in your inner ear, this may allow it to drain. Also, popping your ears will cause your ear drums to flex outward...if you have water in your ear canal up next to your ear drum, this may help move it and cause it to drain when you tilt your head. If you've never popped your ears before, a little may be slightly painful, depending on how much force is required to do this. WARNING: I'm assuming that you are having these issues solely due to water in the ear. "Swimmer's ear", however, is NOT water in the ear. It's a similar set of symptoms which is caused by an ear infection. And THAT requires treatment. See this link: <EDIT> Another thing which may help is chewing something, like gum, with your head tilted. The chewing motions cause slight movement inside the ear canal, which may encourage the water to drain.
  • I find the best trick that works is bouncing or jumping on one leg (the same side leg that water is trapped in your ear) and as I land on my foot, I give my head a tilt, towards the side with the problematic ear, and give it a jerking motion going up and down as I land.
  • put 2 drops of vinegar in the infected ear and allow it to drain for 15 minutes this also will help with fungus infection hope it helps
  • go to urgent care and let them get rid of it

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