• Here is a webpage for PBS/Frontline which contains a GWB chronology which only mentions one oil/energy company in which he has any interest. (4/17/06 My apologies for the missing link, it has been removed by Answerbag Administration because it is no longer active at the source.) The article by PBS/Frontline listed Arbusto as the only oil company which GWB has or had interest in.
  • According to Slate magazine, during the 2004 campaign GWB had a net worth between $9 and $26 million ( If he owned an oil company it would have to be a very small and relatively insignificant concern. I have no information on whether his brother or uncle or other relative owns one (and I don't see how it is relevant). The market value of the smallest/cheapest company I could find on the Forbes 500 was $2.6 billion - 100 times more valuable that GWB.
  • Does it matter,gas is going up,obama.

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