• It differs in every way other than having words sent from one person to another. There is no personal touch, no body language, no tone, no volume, all things that are important to conversation. Plus you get computer fatigue after a while and in person you feel more fulfilled.
  • Communication online is what I call, "coward's correspondence". People can say awful, vile, terrible lies online and say some of the most crude things without any repercussions. It's an atrocious thing. . People wouldn't say half the things they say online in person to you. . Coward's correspondence.
  • Face to Face conversaion is more spontaneous. you can come out with some stuff that really just makes you laugh, Its also more fluid. the conversation just seems to flow more smoothly.
  • Face to face I'm quite sure that a lot of the punks on here wouldn't dare say the things that they do.
  • What we say and what we feel are often two different things. If I listen to your voice I might detect some underlying emotion - or not. If I read your words I may imbue them with a meaning that doesn't exist. But if I look at you, into your eyes, see your gestures and hear you - in person, there is less of my projection and more of your reality than anything online could ever be. But, online is ok for some things. Like this maybe? Plus, it's easier to be ruthlessly honest when you are 'distant'.
  • I can't add much to what already has been contributed. The main difference, to me, is that when you are typing I can't see if you are serious or joking. Humor does not come across always in the typed word. Face to face, I can see your facial expressions and body language and better understand your intention in your words. Rather than just take each word literally, face to face I can get a more accurate picture. Great question, thanks :-) +5
  • I find the anonymity of the computer kind of liberating. I'll say things I would never say in person.
  • i prefer to be on the phone while we are on the computer to hear the laughter such delight +5

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