• Yes I would say so.
  • As far as I can tell, it does. It always seems to be used in that context, any way. :-)
  • Yeah it's a more modern term
  • No not really; the first does not necessarily mean good viz. back in the day, the teachers were free to use corporal punishment..... The Libertines – the good old days know I`ve tried so hard from falling, back into my old ways. and it chars my heart to always hear you calling, calling for the good old days. because there were no good old days, these are the good old days.....
  • That reminds me of a conversation my son & I had when he was about 20. He was talking about "back in the day" when he was in high school. I told him that he was too young to have a "the day" and he could have a "the day" in about 10 years. We laughed pretty hard about that one!
  • When I was younger

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