• I think it's fair. Why make a girl wait longer than that if you are really interested?
  • I call right away just in case some dork deceides to wait 3 days
  • That is so yesterday, and NO I don't follow NO such rule
  • i dont like it. i think its too long. i'd want to talk to the person right away if I liked them and hope that they would too. most guys want to call right away too. See, I asked this one already
  • theres two types of people: people who play the game and people who are serious people who play the game do that 3 day bullshit and serious people dont.
  • I hate rules. They are for game players, not for people looking for a serious relationship. Call when you want, as often as you want. Wait if you care to, or let them know just how interested you really are. Just don't play games.
  • What 3 day rule? I was married for quite a while. Is there a new dating rule book I don't know about? When I started dating again, I just asked them out and called whenever.
  • I think it is ridiculous. What is that all about... Control? I think that my best dating experiences have been when the fella calls right after I drove away to thank me and mention how much he enjoyed our date and how he looks forward to seeing me again. Then if you get busy... fine... but don't wait 3 friggin days. It really sends a message of not being that interested! Forget those stupid rules... and be who you are... and don't be afraid to be upfront in showing interest... real women, who are interested back, will appreciate it!
  • I think the rule is silly. If you want me, call me right away to tell me so. I'll be flattered and know that things went a certain way. Making me wait is some kind of childish game and I might actually either resent it or find another hook-up in the interim.
  • I think insecure losers play "the game" and wait three days thinking it's best to look busy, and unanavailable. In reality, if a guy does this and the women was only mildy interested in the first place, she's going to be so annoyed (because she's accustomed to being treated well), and will ditch the loser asap for playing dumb mind games. Young boys: Grow up.
  • i think if the guy really likes her and thinks about her a lot then he should just call her! if she waits too long (like a month) then obvisouly she'll think he's not into her and might find someone else.
  • I believe its indicative of your motive toward him. If you like like him... Then wait. If it is just casual and never meant to be anything more than just that... Then who cares?
  • That is a stupid ruld. Too many games the young people play these days that is why they can not find anybody to stay with.
  • I think it's a silly rule. If there's mutual interest, what's wrong with him calling you two days after he gets your number? I'd allow one day to pass in case the other person is busy and to avoid seeming overeager, but if the guy waits too long, the girl may forget him or, if she was interested in him, give up on the hope of hearing from him.

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