• Life is a series of hills and you approach the top of the hill, things go well for you..a series of things. When you reach the top and begin your descent things don't go so well..a series of things that don't go so well! :)
  • I thought it was " it never rains but what it pours" meaning it doesnt know when to stop. either bad luck or bad fortune. As I look out at the tail end of Hurricane Bill and the downpour, knowing my horse just went lame(bruised foot,) partner redundant still, Suv needs new tyre, Horse passport stolen, expensive to replace.I tend to agree.
  • It means that in Wales they get heavy downpours when it rains. [What part of Wales are you in?]
  • ..everything coming at you all at once, just when you think you can't handle one more thing happening, one more thing happens........peace my friend...
  • When it rains there is a high humidity. That causes salt to clump together. Morton came up with a way to keep it from happening and therefore the saying "when it rains it pours" referring to salt pouring. ₪ ɦəlʞɹɐq ₪
  • when one proplem comes suddenly a few more happen at the same time.
  • My life it seems at times.
  • Its just about Luck.. Kind of like saying "bad luck comes in 3's" It just means; when it goes wrong.. It ALL goes wrong. E.g. Losing your Job, Spouce and home all within the space of say a month, Really would bring meaning to the phrase 'When it rains... it pours'
  • To me it means, when something bad happens it seems to create more bad things. Example: A man lost his job - which leads to him losing his home - which leads to homelessness - which leads to stealing food - which leads to prison.
  • To me it means when something bad happens, you can usually count on something else bad happening as well. Like, having to have an expensive car repair, then a few days later your hot water heater quits working for good, then you get a leak in your roof-etc., etc....With us it usually means some kind of expense. :( I'd like to see the opposite happen-when something good happens, then some more good happens, then more.....!
  • I know the saying as..'it never only pours'..meaning when things happen..they happen to us in a big way or more than we expected..or everything seems to go wrong all at once..
  • To me it means that when things go wrong they really go wrong and turn out to be worse than first expected.
  • Pouring salt from a blue round paper container. There is a little girl's picture on the container who is holding an umbrella since it appears to be raining. The brand name is 'Morton'.
  • Calcium silicate has been added to my table salt.

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