• The UKs teaching Hospitals are some of the best in the World.
  • The USA, if you or your parents can afford it, or can get a good scholarship, or loan. It is also the best country in which to practice medicine, both for the technology available and the lucrativeness of the fees. The AMA has guaranteed this. They, along with the universities, have determined the cost of the education and training as well as the fees. The insurance companies have joined forces with the AMA in order to keep the insurance premiums very high. They give large corporations, including US government employees, good group fee insurance, but, if you are working for a small business...or for yourself, you are screwed.
  • I have heard that the Czech Republic may be the best in Europe, also internationally it may well be India from what I hear. I guess its hard to measure and so instead of looking for the best country, its better to look for the best university and the best teaching hospital.
  • USA, I see many people from other countries come here for their medical education.
  • UK and Pakistan
  • probably the us

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