• I don't care if they make them, I don't watch goofy movies. I do understand a lot of people like them though.
  • They should do a Space Balls sequel :-).
  • Nope ; I do not like those "Goofy" type movies ... BUT; they are ok for those who do, I guess ... +5
  • I don't know if I wish that they made more of them. I do wish they made more *good* ones (Airplane, first Naked Gun movie, Top Secret, etc.) . . .
  • No, i really didn't like those movies or that type of humor.
  • These movies are quite clever. It's a shame so few fully understand how hilarious they are. I would have liked a flying high 3 perhaps. As long as it was all of the same actors. But yes, definitely more of the same style.
  • I would love to see more of them. I'm a Leslie Nielson fan anyway & laughter never hurts :)
  • I liked "Airplane" the most. I thought it was paradoxically absurd and witty at the same time. And I like funny movies that have a lot of wit and cleverness to them, and ones that satirize serious issues, "conceited" actors and actresses, etc. I don't see much comedies of this sort today----unfortunately, most "comedies" tend to have an edge of meanness to them----cutting people down or abusing them physically for a laugh. I don't find that funny at all.
  • I do. I really love those movies. Have you ever seen Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang with Val Kilmer? I ask because seeing this question and your avatar made me think of it. If you haven't yet, you should. I really enjoyed it.
  • i wish they would make more of a lot of different movie types. 1. alien movies like "Alien", the first "Predator" movie and "critters" 2. ninja/ martial arts movies like "the last dragon, "enter the ninja", "revenge of the ninja", "drive" "storm riders" and "wing chun" 3. space adventures like "battle beyond the stars", "the last starfighter" and "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" 4. erotic thrillers like "wild orchid", "red shoe diaries", "the vicious circle" and zandalee" 5. funny comedy movies like "space balls", "blazing saddles", the first "scary movie", "top secret" and "X-men" hey, i thought it was pretty dang funny! 6. buddy/cop movies like "Running Scared (1986)", "tango and cash" and of course the "lethal weapon series" 7. monster/creature movies like "jaws", "tremors", "Bad moon" one of the best werewolves I've seen.
  • As long as they're better than Spaceballs.
  • I do. I'm not a fan of "dumb" dumb movies because they're not funny..but the "clever" dumb movies crack me up and make me laugh until I cry. I love laughing so hard and long that my stomach hurts from it. The last time that happened was at a retirement party a few months ago for a friend who was "roasted" by some of his long-time friends. It was hilarious. My stomach hurt for hours afterward..that is a "good" hurt. Happy Tuesday kdp! :) ((hugs))

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