• as awesomely as possible
  • Not to the full which is a shame
  • I believe the answer is simply that each of us chooses exactly how we wish to live our lives. The real difference between the happy person and the unhappy person isn't how the Universe has presented to them, it is how they have reacted to the Universe. We have the choice how we choose to live, how we choose to react to whatever the Universe presents. We can find happiness or sadness...but we have to look for both. It is too bad some people choose to look only for the negative. They have the power to choose otherwise.
    • Cry me a River
      I disagree. Those who have only the sin nature MUST sin or try to keep the law. Those who are born again have the Divine nature and can keep the law.
  • One minute at a time
  • Pretty much day by day these days
  • To the fullest!
  • Just as if you were composing a novel: Make the characters (you & your pals) interesting, the scenery beautiful & intriguing, and of course include a meaningingful plot, a purpose or point to it all, and maybe even a lesson in it for everyone. All with a beginning, a middle and an end that makes some sense. - ;-)
  • With a beer in one hand, sometimes a cigar in the other, a smirk on my face and a constant flood of information streaming from every electronic device coalescing in my head to form the humbling, magnificent patterns of reality. Is there any wonder Carl Sagan was such a fountain of wonder?
  • Since I've had medical difficulties, day to day. It was a lot more fun to have goals in the future that I could make come true. +4
  • like tomorrow is guranteed. lol
  • I wish i would have an answer for this ,but i would like to say that we sometime do not live our life ,as some of our life is being controlled by the society and we do not have a choice but to accept the facts, and face the realities ,as the old people are saying that those were the golden days no stress,
  • All I can say is I cherish every day of my life. I do not keep good things "for the better time". I use them TODAY. When I have a company over I use my BEST china dining set. I have some relatives who went to another world at 48. She can not use china any more. She can not hug her son any more. Another relative has been battling cancer 17 years. Having all this in mind I live my life to the fullest. We have an adopted daughter. She is 12 now. She is my life. I live taking good care of her and protecting her from evil.
  • my main idea is that if there is something fun i want to do,i do it.i'll ask my friends if they would like to join but i never hold my breath.i don't need someone else to enjoy something.i work hard and play hard.
  • I live my life like no body's business! I work hard and play harder. I am Good even when I am bad, I am Good at it!
  • King size!!!!:):):):):)
  • All as I can say I'm still here..
  • peacefully.......
  • to the fullest & the best that I can
  • I practice being aware of the NOW. All of time is NOW. There is no past or future there is NOW. I am a big fan of Ekhart Tolle. A magnificent philospher teacher.
  • one day at a time

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