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  • Yes, because they want all of the "benefits" (dinners out, the theater, etc.) without any of the committments and obligations that go along with a traditional dating relationship. I met one gal in Minnesota (in the 1960s/70s) who told me she could not date me, because I was NOT married. Gals like that want the icing, but not the cake. +5
  • While I have never done that before, I believe it is because the woman they are with has deemed them worthy to be a mate -- whether they are married or just dating, it means they are probably a good catch.
  • No, they seek the men they like, regardless whether the men are single or attached. +5
  • Some of them do. They are called "home wreckers," and I have known of a few marriages that were ruined by them.
  • I think this does happen more then we realize. But it more likely goes both ways. Perhaps it is for the thrill of trying to get something they shouldn't or can't have. or If some other woman is committed to him there must be something really great about them and they want to find out what it is...
  • Yes they do for some reason. I never did understand that. When I heard that someone was taken I always turned around and walked right away. But all to often I catch woman flirting with my husband right in front of me... and even after I make a blunt comment about it they still giggle and blush and try to touch him. Sometimes I think if more woman had morals the world would be a better place.
  • some like the challenge
  • Yes they do.......... I sometimes play into it..... After a big fight..... I search them out...... Is awesome being with a frd of your gfd's..... hmmm!
  • To some it is considered sport.
  • Only the ones with no integrity would intentially go after or date a man who is attached. They are home wrecking whores that need to go find their own man instead of trying to take someone else's.
  • Commitment-phobic women, low-self-esteemed women who don't think they deserve a man of their who want no possibility of a legitimate stable relationship...yes. Not every single woman fits this category. Many are not looking at all, have single men friend(s), haven't met the right guy yet, etc.
  • HA! I'm thinkin' of getting married just so I can get a date.
  • No "home" or "relationship" wrecker here! If you're not single AND available. . . . . . .please don't apply, was my motto when I WAS single!
  • yes . attached men are much more attractive than single men .
  • my b/friend got stuck on a barbed wire fence,,,and me and my g/f could not find him anywhere,,,,hehe
  • In all my 100 years of living, dealing with criminals and mentally impaired, and having ordinary friends, I have never met one woman who actually seeks out attached men. So I say No. However, I do see some on tv, but I think they do it for the 15 minutes of fame. Maybe I'm just not running with the right crowd. +4
  • It seems that way.. In the past year the only problems that my bf and I have had in our relationship is that home wreckers cant stay away.. sad really
  • Aye.. indeed. Women are hard wired to find providers attractive. What better demonstration of being a provider than a man claimed by another woman hard wired to seek the same thing?
  • No Not... atleast I wouldn't want anyone attached. That is for women with low self esteem or gold digging purposes.
  • No... single women seek a good man... and it's funny how most men seem like "good men" when they are taken.

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