• No, at least backwards and in the context of changing things. Everything that has happened was meant to happen so it is impossible for us to go back in time and change things. It might be possible forwards though.
  • I think it's possible to go back. Just like if you could go faster than the speed of light and look back on the earth you would see the past taking place... there has to be some way to catch up with the time that has already occurred.
  • possibly but you'd have to calibrate for the earth travelling around the sun or you might end up in space
  • I believe it is possable, however not presently of course. though I doubt it would be for a human to travel perhaps an object of some sort. if one was to somehow find themselves in the event horizon of a black hole for instance time would appear to slow so much that it would nearly stop for the object as the rest of us would continue to move forward in time. So in theory if time can be slowed or stopped then why not manipulated in other ways as well.
  • Yes, I think much of science fiction is precursor for the future. +4
  • I don't think so, because the past has already happened. Say if you were to invent a way to go back in to the past-the people in the present would have known about it, because the time they are in is after where you would be. And the future hasn't happened, so its pretty much out of the question. Hope that helps! or even makes sense!
  • Of course it's possible, we're travelling through time right now. :)
  • well everything can move forward easily... lol
  • Someday possible yes, but how would you get back to tell others what you had done?
  • Yes, but only in the forward direction at the rate of one minute per minute.
  • I'm going to say no. In my opinion, it just seems like something similar to ghosts, fun to talk about but holds no substance. I can't prove ghosts don't exist, much like I can't prove time travel is impossible, but it doesn't make it any more believeable. . Besides, even if it ever does become possible, I believe time has already taken into consideration the effects of it. For instance, if someone goes back in time and kills someone of no importance to history, then we already know that person was murdered, we just may not know by whom. So changing time is impossible even if time travel is possible. . I do like Hasntbeen's answer better though. +3
  • It's called bilocation and many advanced Sages do it (not on here) Bilocation and Odor of Sanctity The phenomenon of bilocation is one of the most remarkable gifts attributed to Padre Pio. His appearances on various of the continents are attested by numerous eye witnesses, who either saw him or smelled the odors characteristically associated with his presence, described by some as roses and by others as tobacco. The phenomenon of odor (sometimes called the odor of sanctity) is itself well established in Padre Pio's case. The odor was especially strong from the blood coming from his wounds. Investigation showed that he used absolutely no fragrances or anything that could produce these odors. The odors often occurred when people called upon his intercession in prayer and continue to this day. Among the most remarkable of the documented cases of bilocation was the Padre's appearance in the air over San Giovanni Rotondo during World War II. While southern Italy remained in Nazi hands American bombers were given the job of attacking the city of San Giovanni Rotondo. However, when they appeared over the city and prepared to unload their munitions a brown-robed friar appeared before their aircraft. All attempts to release the bombs failed. In this way Padre Pio kept his promise to the citizens that their town would be spared. Later on, when an American airbase was established at Foggia a few miles away, one of the pilots of this incident visited the friary and found to his surprise the little friar he had seen in the air that day over San Giovanni. As to how Padre Pio with God's help accomplished such feats, the closest he ever came to an explanation of bilocation was to say that it occurred "by an extension of his personality."
  • Yes, I do it everyday through space-time.
  • ill tell you yesterday .

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