• you need video drivers
  • 9800gtx nivedia should do the trick ;) Look, looks like you just need a new pc. By the time you get a new video card, and up the power wattage for the increased demand of the newer video card....and pay to have it installed because your not to savy with pc' might as well buy a new pc
  • Looks like you didn't install the graphics driver, and Windows is using the generic driver. Go to your VGA manufacturer's website (probably or, download the latest drivers for your Operating System and Graphics Card, and install it. It's easy, just follow the on-screen instructions. It should ask you to reboot your computer when it's done. Reboot it, and everything should be OK. If the resolution is still messed up, go in the Control Panel, then Video and set the resolution there.
  • honestly it's pretty simple to fix. just keep changing the colors around until it looks normal.
  • First, get your PC make and model. If it is a clone, open it up and get the make and model from the motherboard. Go to the manufacturer's website and get the drivers for your model. If you have a video card, remove it and get the make and model. Go the the manufacturer's website and get the drivers. It should do the trick.
  • Assuming you have the most recent drivers for your video card, there is one other thing I can think of; your monitor. I had similar problems when WinXP mis-identified my monitor and it tried to drive it at too high a refresh rate. As a result, it would try to drive my monitor at unsupported combinations of resolution and refresh. One other thing you could try is to go into the Advanced settings and lower your refresh rate to 60Hz *before* trying to jack up your resolution. I have to manually turn down my refresh rate anytime I want to go larger than 1600x1200.
  • For drivers use this program, its free, it will find them , download and install them(also will find any that are out of date on your system for you too) NEED TO FIND YOUR DRIVERS? Or just update drivers? Go this software will find them and update them for you all for free, just click on the red download button (start free download free version) 1.18 MB is the size of file just choose where you would like to save it too. (You may also need this file Microsoft NET Framework 2.0)

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