• if you want to play some of your favorite songs..just look up some tabs online. You can go to thats still a website. But if you want to learn chords and that kind of stuff i would take lessons.
  • Most great guitar players were born with the talent to play, from birth. this does not mean you cannot teach yourself or be taught lessons, if you have the talent. First, buy a cheap standard guitar from a pawn shop. while there, buy a beginners book on playing the guitar. Second, learn how to tune a guitar. you will need a piano or a trusted friend to help you. Third, learn the basic chord changes from the guitar book. once this has been mastered, your fingers will be incredibly sore. do not give up. they will toughen over time. Fourth, play chord changes to some simple songs you have on tape or cd. this is called practice and practice and practice. Fifth, as you progress, try doing a solo run on your guitar to the music. again a lot of practice. Sixth, have a friend come over and the two of you practice together with chord changes and so on. Seventh, once you have mastered the standard guitar, its time to step up to the electric. Hope to hear a new cd from you in the future. john
  • I'm on of those people who couldn't play no matter how much I try... It's just impossible for me. You should hire someone to teach you!
  • I know you can learn on line for free to play acoustic - perhaps this link will help you learn for free, for electric!
  • if you are self disiplined, i would just start with buying a learning book and/or some easy songs that you know the tunes of. if you aren't good at self disipline, you might do better if you had a teacher that you saw regularly.
  • I think you should get a tutor or someone you know to help you play it, tune it, and other stuff then in a couple of years, who knows, maybe you could be a rockstar?!!!!

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