• Crap in my pants. Good thing I wear these:
  • Deposit all the money I have in my possession therefore the bank will have to reimburse me as it was stolen while in their possession !!
  • I used to work in a bank, and we are taught to do one thing, and one thing only. Give them what they want, and get them out of the bank ASAP. Do not try to be a hero. If you can, press the silent alarm, give them bait money, or the GPS money packet. Then, you lock the door, and call the police. No one is allowed to leave or enter the bank until the police arrive.
  • Whatever they tell me to!
  • I'd attack. First I'd need to see how many crooks I'm going to have to deal with. Ideally there'd be just one. In that case I'd wait for the idiot to take his eyes off me. He'd have to. He'd need to focus on the teller he's robbing. Work my way directly behind him keeping my eyes on his gun hand. I can't attack until I see his weapon is pointing at nobody. There may only be a few seconds where he'll absentmindedly point the gun in a safe direction. While waiting for my oportunity I'd also be scanning my surroundings for weapons. I once stabbed someone who tried to rob ME at gunpoint with a ballpoint pen. Any weapon will do. In a bank I'd see if one of those lane stands could be quietly detached to use like a baseball bat to the head. If no weapon presents itself then I'd need to get the robbers for myself to use. At the right moment I attack. Using both hands to take control of his weapon arm. I'd wrestle him 'till either he drops it or decides to give up on robbing an establishment that I'm frequenting.
    • Anoname
      Also one of my favorite ways to die. Trying to stop a thief before he can hurt anyone.
    • Linda Joy
      The pole is called a stanchion. And while your intentions are good you will most likely die in your attempt and cause an even worse scenario for everyone else. But at least your problems will be over.
    • Anoname
      I'd still attack - it's in my nature. Birds got'ta fly, fish got'ta swim, Anoname has to get violent.
    • mushroom
    • Linda Joy
      WWJD? I wouldn't be at the bank anyway I don't even know why I answered.
  • Hold up the other side of the bank so it wouldn't tip over.
    • Linda Joy
      Whew! Thanks mushroom! I thought I was about to tumble uncontrollably across the floor!

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