• i love how quite and calm it is i hate my neighbors
  • I love this place I live. when I find something I hate I fix it to make it likable.
  • i love living at home with my mum but i hate living in the shed.... yes a shed but it has a tv :D
  • what i love is that the location is quite strategic, as it is located in downtown area what i hate, theres always crappy neighbor(s) who thinks he owns the place while everyone else is just renting so he doesnt care at all (like playing music really loud even at 3 freaking AM!)
  • Love that it`s in the country with alot of space,and close to family!But dislike the town it`s near.Alot of crime,very few restrurants,stores,things to see or do.
  • I love that its so close to the beach, and is beautifully landscaped. I hate how inconsiderate the apartment complex managers are - the way they allow the gardeners to start strimming and mowing before 8am; or the handy-men use powertools out in the drive way first thing.
  • I love my house, the high ceilings, and we're surrounded by mountains and national forest. The isolation and peace and quiet is awesome. On the negative side, we don't have a lot of friends here, and I wish the nearest great town, Asheville, N.C., were about 25 miles closer.
  • I love how quite and calm it is, and i hate how quite and calm it is.
  • crowded
  • The weather.
  • I really love Tennessee and I live on a 22 acre lake in the country that I am very grateful for and have always felt that way. The things that I really dislike most are that there are not more metropolitan people here with diverse nationalities and also the restaurants we have here stink..except for the new mexican restaurant. I'd like to have a Ruby Tuesday's or even a Denny's that I could go to later at night..all the restaurance seem to close at the 8pm and that's too early.

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