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  • Because he lacks integrity. Because there is no spontaneity in the relationship. Because he is bored. Because wife says, "not tonight, Dear." Because his girlfriend is more accessible than wife. Because of a lack of religious convictions. Because his wife lays there, in bed, like a dead fish. Because his wife never makes love to him - it is always him making love to her.
  • To prove to himself that he is still attractive and wanted by other women.
  • Because he is an asshole.
  • Dog, arf arf
  • Because they get tired of eating the same dinner every night....and plus they get bored.
  • He lacks maturity, integrity, commitment to his marriage, and sensitivity to the pain and trouble he'll cause.
  • Just like animals in the animal kingdom, not all men are meant to be with one woman for their entire lives.
  • because their is no connection anymore... the wife or husband has gotten so boring to the other that they want excitement. If you are in love there is no one else but your s/o their is no other reason for cheating but the lose of interest.
  • Why do married women get an affair after years of marriage? Same things count for them as for men. They are not interested anymore, the person they married turns out not to be the one. People intend to blame all the guys, but it has been proven women do the same just as often as guys do. Women cheat, woman have affairs and lie their sorry ass of to their committed husband. Anyone denying that is just living in some fantasy world. Both genders have their reasons to go for someone else. Most of the times they just do it because it is the easier way. Why try to get someone in bed while someone else says yes immediately. To me it sounds ridiculous, I'd rather work it out and if that does not work I would get a divorce, still is better than cheating on my husband, make him feel like he is worth nothing and divorce then, or even worse, say that it will not happen again though I know he is not the right person for me anymore.
  • Coz he's not satisfied!
  • The opportunity presents itself
  • Coz...the grass is always greener on the other side

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