• Do they have testicles? - Sure bet.
  • See how they react when you tell them you want to wait to have sex for a few months. If they pull a Roadrunner, you have your answer;)
  • Believing that you are a FEMALE; Signs to look for would be ... If they DON"t take you to dinner or out to eat , don't stay around after sex, never buy you any presents - gifts, don't have you to Family functions, etc ....
  • You can see it in their eyes, they're just looking to score. But if you're both on the same page, it can be a good thing. I've had women in the past who've been OK with such a relationship. As long as both parties agree that this is only for "fun" and not for keeps.
  • If they are not interested in sharing other things with you, then they are just interested in sex.
  • if he doesnt want to share his life with you..discuss work, his likes and dislikes...if he doesnt want to hear about how your ay was..and well if he doesnt want you to meet his friends and family.....and then there is the ALL HE WANS TO DO IS HUMP LIKE A BUNNY EVERYTIME HE SEES ME..thing..
  • Whats interesting is that if it was a guy that was been used he wouldn't care. He is probably using you if he just rides you and then f$*ks off.
  • Whats so bad about being used just for sex? I wouldnt mind. Its a win-win situation, you get sex they get sex, none of that boring relationship crap is attached. I dont see whats so bad?
  • If you are asking for yourself then that itself is your answer. Most of the time you dont question it if you know for sure. That and if you are not in a relationship with said person, if you are only seeing them for physical visits and then he/she leaves right after the fact. If this person isnt cuddly. Next time you see said person, DONT HAVE SEX.....see what happens. If they want to have sex and get really nasty etc....then you should just leave. Get the upper hand in the situation.
  • Does he know your hopes and desires? Does he know your family and friends and cares about them and offers to get involved and help. Does he know what you value in people and does he have similar values? If not, he is probably only a short term visitor. q:)
  • Do they do anything else with you except have sex? Do they talk to you? Do they help you with things? Do they try and keep you isolated from the rest of their life? Are they your spouse or just a cohabitant?
  • Baby, I told you that this is not just about sex. It's also about you bringing me beers after I've worked all day. Now go get me a fresh beer, head on back to the bedroom and I'll be with you here in a bit.
  • Their erect penis has entered one of your holes.
  • not sure

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