• Is there a link? I don't see one,Evanfris.*+++++*:D*
  • if this happened to me not one of those ppl would still have a job and the city would be bankrupt for hiring such inept officers. each and every officer and 911 operator would be poor i would sue each individualize. i would sign for the attorney give me the 1st million the rest is yours, F**K them over with a a fine tooth comb ! i guarantee an attorney knowing how much this is worth would do it and have every reason to to get all and every penny available.
  • LAWSUIT! That is bullsh*t.
  • I would flip my shit and hunt me down some cops. However, I am not surprised. I don't trust cops. Never have and never will. Bastards.
  • I cant believe that happens in todays society
  • This was totally unacceptable and the officers involved should be fired and the sheriff's office should pay her millions in compensation. The Sheriff should be fired as well! If it was my wife, I probably would want to retaliate.
  • they wouldn't ever find the body parts
  • And they did this in front of a video camera. I hope she enjoys the vast amount of money she will most certainly win from this atrocity. This is a lawyer's dream client. There is no defense the police can possibly come up with. She should have been hospitalized immediately, not jailed.
  • Called the police
  • I'm shocked,but not surprised.This is horrible,yet it happens too much as it is.Does anyone have a solid voice of conciounce anymore? This is why men(People in general) become monsters.Sometimes the monsters themselves were once like these victims.I've experienced this myself after attempting suicide and other instances with the police.Our local police are just as corrupt.Thank you for this video.This is an example of a constant reminder that we are not safe.*+++++*
  • The family would be supportive of the member who suffered this ordeal. She will probably win her suit. I hope she is sueing the county and the officers individually. The officers should be brought up on criminal charges -- not just fired.
  • America. Fuck yeah!
  • Welcome to America!!!!! The new third world nation. Were are their SS badges. Now the taxpayer is going to lay out millions of dollars when they win the lawsuit. This stuff happened in New York City were I live thanks to our mayor heir Gulliani. It will cost the tax payer here billions over the next 20 years. Nobody talks about it though.
  • And this is the wonderful USA? Gee, I am glad I don't live there!
  • WoW!!! that is horrible, i can't believe what i just saw. I would sue the shit out of them... botttom line that was not right there was no need to do that. I wonder how cops expect us to respect them when they have no respect for there uniform or badge... Bitches..
  • I can't even begin to imagine what I would do if it were me or a family member! I am totally sickened by this! They will be lucky to get off with criminal charges, loss of jobs and Oprah money to even begin to atone for what they did to that woman. I don't know if I would rest and stop at that even - there are many ways to get your pound of flesh, and in a case like this, I would move mountains to do so.

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