• It goes against my beliefs :)
  • The endless meaningless AB questions on the subject.
  • An easier question would have been, 'what do you like'. I have far fewer answers to that question.
  • The control. The constant need for my money. The hypocracy. The amount of faith in something that someone else just 'tells' me, and without any proof whatsoever. The way it makes others become judemental and racist. Um...EVERYTHING!
  • What's to like about it? Fake hope in an afterlife? All I have to do is give up this life? Yeah right. Go con someone else.
  • I have nothing against religion or people having their beliefs -- the way I see it, if it makes you feel better and noone is getting hurt - no harm, no foul. What I don't like is when they try to cram it down your throat and tell you that you will go to hell or be damned for not believing the way they do. Or, when people get all judgemental and put down others using the veil of their religion as their justification for doing so.
  • Nothing...everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. +5
  • everything
  • How people use it to manipulate others + 5
  • ... the traditional rituals ... if God is every where, even inside all of us, then we should just each seek the part of God that dwells within ... instead of trying to imagine a God that is far away ...
  • everything.+5
  • Their influence on humanity, their false afterlife promises, their unnecessary rules, their anti-life teachings, and their hateful false Gods.
  • 1) Intolerance and bigotry. 2) Fanaticism. 3) Greed. 5) Arrogance. 6) Double standards, too many to count. 7) It's total contempt for non-believers. 8) It's need for holy wars and inquisitions. 9) Constant interference in government. 10) There's just to many religions for any of them to be true.
  • Religion I think is needed! What I don't like about it is that people will not have minds open enough to realize all the different peoples and countries of this world my have different beliefs, If this is so it is perfectly acceptable and expected it this diverse world we live in!
  • Because religion is man trying to reach God, whereas Christianity is God reaching to man. Religion is man made, true Christianity is based strictly from God's Holy Word.
    • pipey
      If Christianity isn't a religion, why do Christian churches take tax breaks meant for religion?
  • i dont like what religion does (and has done) to science.
  • The assumption that they know better than I do how to talk to God.
  • I hate it just like Jesus did, It was the Religeous Pharasee's and Sadducee's that killed Jesus.
  • That those who can make you believe in absurdities, can also make you commit atrocities. Got Tillet?
  • False religion does NOT teach what is truth, what the Bible really says.
  • Group mentality
  • The fact that the religious authorities can use sacred text for political agendas. Makes it hard to trust them.
  • How it reduces SPIRIT to theology and dogmatism, and perpetuates the system of people letting others think for them.
  • I have no problem with any religion. They are all equally good to me. It is some of the people who promulgate them with whom I have an issue. I don't want anyone to force his/her beliefs down my throat because he/she thinks only one religion will save you from he**, dam*ation and the devil. It is ridiculous to believe that because no one KNOWS FOR one who is alive that is. When we die, well, maybe we'll find out..maybe we won't. In the meantime I'm a grownup and no one is the boss of me and I get to decide what resonates with me..what makes sense to me..and I don't need any "true believer" trying to brainwash me! :)
  • Belief in the supernatural.
  • controversy DX
  • Aside from damned near everything I can think of not much. Is there anything to like other than SOME of it's members are OK.. The rest are plain dumber than dog shit on a leash. "C'mon Crappy..sit up and beg!"
  • control manipulation limitation sexism cruelty war blinkers damnation in the name of ignorance .......... .......... .........?
  • Religion is evil because it is a delusion created by control freaks who force their views on others who are weak minded. Anyone who engages with religious delusions are corrupt and they are unable to provide any evidence in their ridiculous claims so they use the bible as an excuse to back up their bull$hit which is nonsense. I don't like it when religious nut jobs force their views on others as it only causes psychological damage.
  • I don't like that there are so many disagreements. God made a very simple and easy plan for us he created us on a beautiful planet and told us to have babies and to take care of the Earth that was God's plan for us there was nothing hard about it and we have made what is very easy very complicated
  • No gods exist and all religions are false.
  • That people fight about it.
  • The fact that it's used to hurt people, to treat them as less valuable or less deserving of life. The fact that it encourages mentally unstable people to think they're acting for God when they kill someone. The fact that it's anti-freedom and anti-democratic. The fact that it encourages ignorance. The fact that some of the worst people on earth claim to be superior because of their religious beliefs.

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