• No unfortunately dogs are not immune to snake venom, i know this because working as a vet nurse i have seen numerous dogs have to be injected with expensive antivenom or be put down following a snake bite. Wish it was true though.
  • No, dogs can die from snakebite. see this story
  • I had a dog die because of a snakebite. I would say they are not immune.
  • My dogs are vaccinated against prarie rattler venom but I understand it could still mess them up really bad. I would say the information you received is inaccurate.
  • Dogs are categorically NOT naturally immune to snake venom. If you live in an area with poisonous snakes be careful and observant and get to the vet QUICK if you think your dog's been bitten by a snake.
  • My cousin who lives in Texas experienced watching her lovely golden retreiver die after being bitten by a rattler. Not pretty. She now has an Akita because the thickness of his coat is a deterrant...but not a prevention. Get your dog protected...or keep an antivenom epipen it your home.

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