• I don't think our Pastor would marry someone who is mormon in our church.
  • They can do so if they want to. People might wonder about this, just as any other Christian denomination might wonder about a couple of its members if they asked an LDS Bishop to marry them in an LDS church.
  • Yes they can. But they will not be eternally bound in the LDS church's eyes, you need temple marrige for that. There will also probably be the holy rollers saying mean things about you. But that is in any religion that you kinda go astray from the norm I'd think. Most people are ok with it from what I have seen. It is not against any rules just kinda frowned at.
  • You could if you wanted too... But why would a LDS person want to get married in a Christian church? The Theology & Beliefs are different!
  • Yes, they can get married anywhere anyone else will let them. But it's true that they will not be considered "sealed" in the temple: the marriage will be "for Time" only, ie. ending with physical death, rather than eternal. The Mormon concept of "eternal progression" also says that one cannot gain entrance to the highest level of the Celestial Sphere if you're not married and sealed to another good Mormon. If you're a guy you don't get to be a god and if you're his wife you don't get to lie around popping out his "spirit children" forever and ever, which is your basic job.
  • well FYI if your partner is not morman and you want to get married in a morman temple or church or what ever your partners family that is not morman can not come to the wedding. i was watching engaged and underaged and his family; could not go to the ceramony and they were pissed off.
  • In short the answer is yes. I'm an example since I will be marrying my girlfriend the normal way when I go to South Africa where her family(not LDS) can attend the wedding then after that we will get sealed in the temple and my family can attend that. Should make everyone happy :) well hopefully.
  • Of course they can but they will supposable not be sealed for all eternity. This ritual is much like what the masons practiced. Joseph Smith was actually a mason, and soon after joining came up with the temple ordinances. Check out this web site……...this will give you true information on the LDS church and how it is not Christianity. And if anyone calls it anti-mormon, then the mormons that call it that are anti-christian.
  • My sister married outside of the temple. In the religion your marriage would be considered until death if it was outside of the temple. In the temple your marriage is considered for time and all eternity.
  • In order to fully answer this question, the distinction between a church and a temple must be given. In the LDS religion there are both churches and temples. A church is the place of meeting and worship, where the sacrament of our Lord is taken, discussions are held, and any other needs of congregation (parties, activities, scouts, etc.). Everyone is invited to attend these meetings, whether inside or outside the LDS Faith. Temples are built for an entirely different purpose. They are sacred structures where only those who have met certain qualifications may enter. There are many, even in the LDS faith, that are not prepared to enter. One must be free (or completely repented of) any serious sin, be following the commandments to the best of their ability, be free of harmful substances, pay a full tithing to the Lord, be baptized by proper authority, and many other similar qualifications. The temple is a place where you may perform sacred ordinances and promises to the Lord. It is the place to be sealed to your spouse for eternity. Marriages happen in BOTH the temples and the churches. A couple who may not meet the qualifications of entering the temple at the time of marriage, have the opportunity to be married by a bishop in a church building if they desire. This marriage would be made "until death do you part". Later, that couple may wish to have their marriage sealed for all eternity inside the temple, once they have become worthy. Marriages in a church can be performed for anyone, whether in the LDS faith or not. A couple could also choose to have their marriage performed outside a church, by anyone legally authorized to perform the marriage. The difference is not in the marriage, it's in the sealing of that marriage for all eternity. Only in the temple of our Lord Jesus Christ can that marriage be sealed for all eternity. That may happen after the original marriage in what is called a "sealing", or it may be during the actual marriage itself, if performed inside the Temple.
  • can a mormon marry outside his or her religon like a Batist an what will happen to him or her if they do.
  • Yes, but if they do, they probably do not understand the importance of being married AND sealed in the temple. A marriage anywhere else is only half a marriage, by LDS standards. A Mormon can be married outside the temple and then be sealed in the temple at a later date, but this way of thinking is highly discouraged, like procrastination. Sometimes a couple will be married in the temple and then have a ring ceremony elsewhere for the benefit of those who were not able to attend.
  • In answer to Kimmie: This is obviously a completely different question, but sure, Latter-day Saints (as we prefer to be called) are allowed to marry whoever they want. Regarding what will happen to him or her if they do, they’ll probably have some difficulties, just like any interfaith marriage tends to. Furthermore, the couple will be divorced as soon as one or both of them dies (although they can be sealed by proxy, but again, that’s not the ideal.) If you’re asking if the Church would take some form of disciplinary action against the LDS spouse for marrying someone not of our faith, the answer is an unequivocal no. Marriage is between a man, a woman, and God. The Church (and its members) can give advice regarding how to find the best person to marry, but once a person makes a decision, it’s certainly not the Church’s place to judge that decision.
  • Sure, but the wording of the question is slightly puzzling. Latter-day Saints—or “Mormons,” as you called us—are members of the Church of Jesus Christ; thus, we *are* Christians, in every sense of the word. HTH!
  • Aha! Glad to know that you agree that the Big Fella has a sense of humour! Hmmm. As far as "unspeakable bliss" is concerned, I think that the oftentime lack of it here on the mortal plane is the only thing that can define such a state of being. If you loved icecream, and then you were allowed -no, obliged- to eat it every single day for the rest of eternity... wouldn't the novelty pall somewhat? It's a silly analogy, as what we might be like and what we would feel in the afterlife would have to be so different to mortality that there'd be no way to compare. This is why I'm highly suspicious of creeds which firstly promise rewards so specific and literal, and who then go on to threaten deprivation of that when you don't subscribe to their every doctrine.
  • Can Mormans have more than one wife? What is the role of the wife married to a Morman? IS she his equal? Is she expected to have as many children as possible? Can her Morman husband sleep around? Are other religions considered inferior ? Can a woman wear sexy clothing and makeup? Can a Morman man who was born into it, marry someone who is agnostic ? Thank you
  • fast and quick from what i understand. If they marry in a temple its a marraige for eternity. If they marry outside the temple the marraige is only for this life.

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