• that is a hard thing to live with. you have to get his mind off of it when he starts acting sick. I hope it works out
  • The mind is a very strong weapon/tool that can be used for or against you. Hypochondriacs can actually think themselves sick. Does he realize he suffers from this? Would he consider some kind of therapy to find out why he needs this in his life?
  • His doctor should be able to guide you what to look for. Your husband could also take responsibility for himself and his own fears by admitting his illness, looking at the bills, and putting faith in the doctors. If he did not get your attention, would he get himself to the ER, call the ambulance, call his doctor, or just worry about it? If it were me, I would probably give him an ultimatum that he see professional help and I would do only what the doctor/therapist instructed. +4

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