• I give points to people who ask decent questions, and give decent answers. I dont have to agree with those answers in order for me to give points. You have been getting a lot of points from me lately, ill tell ya what. :)
  • I do give points to almost anyone. unless they are trying to start a fight then I just walk away
  • I do not give points away like candy, although lately someone's been taking points away from me like a child that has too much candy. Anyway, i digress. This is a fairly worthwhile question, and also, i like your nose, so +5 to you:-)))
  • I give points to every person that answers my questions. And I try and give points to all that answer the same questions I answer. It is all about FUN FUN FUN!!! Don't win a million dollars at the end of the day. So lets just have FUN with it!!! +5
  • i don't just give them away. the question has to be good and the response has to be good too. i never take away points although i have been tempted to.
  • I give points to every question I answer and every answer to my questions. I also give points to any Answers that i read that I think are well written,witty, funny or give good information. If a person has obviously bothered to research the question I will give it points for the fact that they want to learn and have added to the database.
  • I usually only give away maximum points to my friends, unless it is a very helpful question or response.
  • I give points if I find a question helpful or if it makes me smile!
  • In this forum, it doesn't hurt anybody to be generous. I award points even if I don't answer the question, and/or if I like the commentary. Personally, I see no benefit to DR'ing folks, regardless of how rude, crude, or just plain mean they are...serves no useful purpose;-)
  • I give points to every question that I answer as it helps me keep track of what I have already answered. I also give points to everyone answer I get to my questions. I give points to other answers of other questions that I feel are especially good answers or that make me laugh.
  • Generally I give points to any question I answer, and anyone who answered one of my questions - unless they're being offensive or something. I will also occasionally do what I like to call carpet bombing - I will just go to the main page where all questions with recent activity are listed with the + and - buttons next to each and I'll +5 all of them. I don't even read them, unless something catches my eye: they're flagged as new, or have an extremely high number of points, or have been DR'd into the negative.
  • I give max points for anything that makes me smile. which is almost everything!
  • I give points to any answers to my questions and any questions I answer. I also give points to people randomly when I find their answer amusing, intelligent or helpful.
  • I point any answer I get to my questions and I point anything I answer. I'll also point answers I think are good if I come across them and I'll point everyone that gets nailed in a controversial question unless they clearly deserve the DRs they got.

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