• Macromedia Flash. ( Take a look for a demo. It is an application designed for chemistry students that allows you to drag and drop items such as beakers, burners, etc..
  • Well, it depends on how much you know. If you know HTML fairly well you can use a program as simple as Microsoft Word XP or 2003 to make a game. OR you can buy the Macromedia Studio. I have it and it is very easy to use. It has tutorials and everything. I have no idea how much it costs. But, If you have .NET you can make a project classified as 'Web Project.' .NET has all the main programming languages so this is most helpful. .NET is a FULL and easy to use ALL AREA programming software. I have this to and this is what I prefer to use. GOOD LUCK!!! ^_^
  • Well u could use google adsense or if u want an fps use DarkBASIC fps creator.I think maybe u could also use Torque game builder for a cool 2d game thats about all good drag n drop game software i can think of.
  • Yeah, HTML works, I am trying to create one..

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