• Yes, they put me on 15 different medicines, and the side effects were worse then the actual illness.
  • I think I have a gift to see through Doctor's bullshit. I always get a second or third opinion if I doubt what they say in any way. I don't remember how this started.. I think when my first son was born the doctor traumatized me because she was abolutely horrible. She was fine at the office appointments, but the birth was a nightmare!
  • yes,He gave me furosemide pills and, like a dope i took them. thought i would never quit urinating
  • Yes they put me on anti-depressents that made me ...well looney and sleepy. I wasn't even depressed in my opinion. Anyway I quit that crap, I can't sleep all day I have more important things to do.
  • Yes and no. When I was younger I thought they knew what they were doing. When they told me to send a washcloth to school with my ADD son so he could rub it on his skin when he 'felt itchy' and 'distracted others by touching them' I did it even though I thought it was bull. It didn't work. They ended up giving him his own 'office' which was really just segregating him to a desk in a closet basically and they gave him a social worker. But what I regret was the medication they put him on. From what I understand it has a tendency to make them more likely to become addicted to drugs later in life. I've also been misdiagnosed with COPD and took and inhaled powder for several years until they did a lung function test and removed the diagnosis. Right now I have a tiny cancer they are fighting very vigorously compared to other friends I know who had the same thing. I've lost more hair than I have left, I get nausea, very bad diarrhea, sores on my head and in my mouth, nosebleeds, headaches and exhaustion. The cancer was only 1A and is responding well to treatment. I will get a lumpectomy in about 6 more weeks. But they are talking about chemo for 6 mos and herceptin for a year and tamoxifen for 5 or 10 years!! Another lady I know got a lumpectomy (or maybe a mastectomy) and didn't have to have chemo or radiation! Still I'm very thankful for the medical profession and the taxpayers that pay for it. I'd be dead by now without them. I'm thankful to be in a place with excellent medical training and lots of specialists that confer with one another. Cancer survival rates are much better with well trained doctors and I have that here! I'm not as confident in the mental health professionals in general, but I'm smart enough to know if you need mental health medicine you should take it along with therapy. It helped me through a tough time, but I do believe I was over medicated and you need to learn what is normal for you and don't just do whatever the doctor says because they have a degree. You know you better than they do, but listen to what they've learned as well. Remember Gibbs Rule #51 - Sometimes you're wrong!
  • Most doctors are smart people, but a few of them are schmucks. I broke my arm back in 2007. The doctor said it would need surgery. I went in and filled out my forms about being allergic to penicillin. The nurse asked me if I had any allergies, I said penicillin. They took me back and asked me again, and again, I said "penicillin." The anesthetist dosed me improperly and I was awake through a portion of the surgery, but I couldn't move more than my eyes. It took them several minutes to realize I was awake, during which time the surgeon was cursing and yelling about how terrible the surgery was. When, what seemed like an eternity later, they finally saw my eyes, they said "oh shit, he's awake, Don," and the other guy ran over and grabbed something I couldn't see and I thought I was going to die. Then when I woke up in recovery, my entire body was swollen up horribly, I felt like I had horrible flu and the nurse was screaming at my family to leave the recovery room so I could rest, while they were desperately trying to tell her I was allergic to the medicine she kept putting in my IV, which was, you guessed it, penicillin. A few months later, I got a new doctor, and he told me that it would have been fine without surgery.
  • Never. Skipped the flu shot for a few years. I very much regret that!

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