• Golpeadors are unique to flamenco guitars- as you said, they are protecting the top of the guitar when tapping on it. Classical guitars aren't found with them. There are a few things that set one type apart from the other (mostly having to do with dimensions and wood choices) that give each type of guitar its different voice. The classical style of play doesn't go in for the rhythmic hand tapping. Here's a site where you can order one:
  • Who is Flamenco by? Is it Malmsteen?
  • Try "Guitar Center". If you dont have one near you go online to there website " ". They should have some.
  • I had one fitted to a guitar many years ago when I wanted to learn flamenco but couldn't afford to buy a flamenco guitar. I was advised by my teacher to get an expert to fit it because you need experience to do it properly. I don't know if adhesives have become more user friendly since.

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