• I think she should have bitch slapped obama for giving her his speeches.
  • Head of the church and the monarch of Great Britain. She is better liked than the US president, if you do not agree then my question is why does the US president need so much security.
  • I have nothing particularly against her, but I have no real interest in her either, and put her in the same famous-for-being-famous category as the like of Paris Hilton.
  • pointless.......useless......but dont have much against her
  • She is someone who has devoted her life to leading a proper example according to standards she did not create. That can be both admirable and anal retentive to be sure, but she is first and formost a servant of the people and that deserves honor.
  • To me her graciousness marks her as the Queen of England. This thought invariably comes to me at the very mention of Her Majesty.
  • Long Live The Queen. she seems very nice and is a very good and solid tradition.
  • Rancid German parasite.
  • She's OK for a crusty rich b*tch, I have no issues with her and wouldn't mind saying "hi" to her.
  • She wasn't portrayed grandly in the movie The Queen. I don't read about English Royalty so I don really have an opinion.
  • The idea in this day of a queen, king or anything like that is revolting.
  • I love the Queen of England. One of my friends used to work in England, flying back and forth to the US. She bought me many souvenirs with the Royals. I think they are interesting. Stems from my childhood of loving stories of castle, kings, queens, princesses, etc.
  • I think that when she finally passes on the face of royalty will never be the same. She upheld quite of bit of what is traditionally consider royalty and I see nothing in her lines that tell me it will ever be the same.
  • What do I think of my Queen? Well, I haven't met her yet, but I think she seems nice enough. Some say she's unnecessary because she has absolutely no political power, but a country needs a good figurehead, right?

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