• Currently human nature indeed obsoletes that. Remove *greed*, remove *pay with money* and make people smart, so the couldn't fall for stupid and abusing *religion* scams and only then we'll have the long desired world peace.
  • It is a realistic, but very difficult goal because so many people are unwilling to let go of things like power, money, influence, etc. I hope, for all our sakes, that this century will see a growing awareness that the continual pursuit of material possessions, money, and power only result in seeking after even more of those things, and endless cycle of dissatisfaction.
  • It's realistic. But yes you're gonna have to change human nature- first off: double standards.
  • Approx 6 thousand years of human civilization has said no,but we can and should keep trying .
  • The battles are within the soul...and find their way out to strike others first. Since we are talking billions of "souls" in the world, something difficult to "fix" it will be close to impossible to have world peace. I would settle for something much smaller! Peace in our extended families! I think that is impossible too!
  • the answer lies in a sanctuary built of walls of apathy...but,if one had the power,more than political power,political power only empowers you to persuade individuals to follow you,but rather,the power to change things and be irrefutable and untouchable...but alas,everyones perception of peace is different...
  • Human nature causes this goal to be unrealistic...impossible. There are always going to be self-centered people who will stand in the way of peace. Mark my words.
  • Peace requires stasis and harmony between every human, which requires us to always all be thinking the same thing. There can never be peace.
  • the repression of human nature makes it impossible. We are not meant to work for money or create scarcity to make money by repressing technologies.
  • F*ck World Peace... I want a pony!!!
  • Only if you lobotomize 90% of the human population, which I would argue is much less ethical than letting the world continue as it is.
  • It is realistic in that human nature is bent on annihillation so I would say world peace will be the only outcome.
  • People can't even cooperate long enough to get their damn grocery shopping done peaceably. World peace is gonna be a real stretch. Not that I wouldn't love to see that miracle.

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