• First I need to know what's your prime mover for the pump.Is it the motor along with the gear box you have mentioned.If that's so,you need to know the RPM of your motor. From the power torque equation we get, Power=2Pi*Torque* RPM You have said the power of your motor is 18KW,right? now let me guess you are using a 3,000 rpm motor. revolution per second is 2Pi*3,000/60=100Pi radians /sec . So torque =18,000/100pi=180/pi = 57.27 Newton meter or Joules/Radian what ever you can say. . Now about arrangement of gearbox,you need to tell me what is the the specification of the gear box.The question is incomplete without the gear box specification. Come back to me in case you need any clarification.I like people who engineer their stuffs themselves but,safely.

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