• What is the DVD player (VIA HDMI) hooked up to? A Surround Receiver? A Flat Panel TV? An HDMI Switch? Are there any HDMI switches being used? It sounds like one or a combination of a few things: 1) Your equipment is not properly setup. Your DVD player may have some audio configuration options. It's possible that audio is being routed through analog and needs to be changed to digital. If it's already set to digital, there may be a bitstream option that will need to be enabled. 2) You may have a "handshake" issue between the DVD player and the device it's connected to. The two deviced have agreed on HDCP copyright protection, agreed on Video Settings (resolution,frame rate), but cannot agree on a common audio format (DTS, PCM, DOLBY, 48khz, 96khz, etc). 3) Your HDMI cable may be defective where one of the data lines may have a short. There's no need for expensive cables, go to Blue Jeans Cable, Monoprice, or Cables for Less to get a high quality cable for cheap. 4) HDMI cables are notoriously known for coming loose or not seating properly, this has happened to me and may have happened to you.

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