• What about they're, their and there?
  • I agree with you're point completely; your not the only one very agitated by this mangling of grammar.
  • I think if we would loose mass communication the English language in different parts of the world would evolve into different languages.
  • I use your instead of you're all the time along with other words much the same. Not really ill-educated but will admit to having limited typing ablity along with I'm pretty slow typing so that's why I do it. Sorry if it bothers you....didn't really mean anything by it or think anyone would care.
  • your question has validity because you're so wise ? hehe
  • So true! Unfortunately grammer isn`t focused on enough in schools. The internet and text messages do not help either as many young people (as well as older ones) feel that using short forms, and acronyms are acceptable in formal writting. I realize that English is filled with homonyms, but people need to learn which word is proper for the context. I just saw soar used in place of sore! Oh! Many people also mix up the spelling of quit, quite, and quiet!! Drives me CRAZY!!!
  • Youse a funny guy, bambino!
  • I sure hope not!
  • Their nuts at those schools over they're! It's there kids. ;-)
  • It's the phonics that you talked about in another answer thread (if you recall) which is to blame. Every language evolves. English has evolved beautifully so far, but now it's evolving in the negative direction. Sad.
  • I doubt it. Who is in charge of the usage of the English language? It is too widely used to make any drastic changes.
  • I think many of today's ill-educated have already done so Jim! Along with others like their, there, they're and we're, where, wear, etc.
  • My husband has teased me for 41 years about my spelling. It's from my childhood and a teacher who made fun of me. I know it but he always reminds me. The grammer here on this site is so bad that my self confidence has just blossomed. I try to over look it but sometimes I just want to scream. It's like a secret code and I don't like it.
  • I certainly hope not. People confuse "exasperate" and "exacerbate" all the time...some people can't even pronounce nuclear correctly. We don't need to simplify the language just because some are not properly crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's. The point of language is communication, isn't it? So if you can understand what someone is trying to communicate why get your shorts all tied up in a knot? I think people do the best they can at whatever they attempt and we shouldn't let the small stuff get in the way of talking to each other! :) ((hugs))
  • No different than their and there or affect and effect. Why change the language just because people are too lazy to learn it?
  • Hell no, We shouldn't have to change the language simply because some people can't grasp the concept of 'spelling'.
  • Absolutely not! I think that if English was modified, we would be surrendering to spelling ignorance. It's a shame that so many people don't know the difference between the two words. And don't get me started on 'lose' vs. 'loose'!
  • No ... that's just "rewarding" people for not bothering to learn the language properly. That is not asking too much (or should I say not "axing" too much.)
  • Nooo. It's not a difficult thing to do, put in an apostrophe and add an E, I shan't be modifying my English.
  • okay if they do i want " BTW, IDK, JK, LOL, LMAO, ROTHFLMAO, OMG, BFD, and all the others included as well.
  • Yes. And their driving me two distraction!
  • So many people get those confused that it's pretty much like they already are modified.
  • We will never be able to make them completely into one word even if we want to, because one has the meaning of a possessive and the other one has the meaning of two separate words. It is, of course, possible that we will change the spelling of "you're" in to "your", but if that were the case, then we would also have to change the spelling of all the other contractions like "it's" and "who's" and that would be very confusing indeed! The way I see it, since some contractions can be confused with similar words like pronouns, we will probably keep "you're" and other words like it the way they are just to be able to differentiate between the two forms.
  • I will hope not. Why should we modify a beautiful language to accommodate certain portion of the population who refuse to learn the difference? Wouldn't that be the same as rewarding illiteracy?
  • ur looking for gramar on the internet. roflmao

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