• Yes, I met my dear wife in Ballet Class.
  • Took lessons in 6-7th grade --ballroom dancing and we also learned 1-2 other "modern" dances. Rock and roll stuff. Today, with a very bad back, I cannot dance, or if so, it would have to be a very slow song. lol
  • HEX YES, i got the mad skiz-izzles. Ok, maybe not but whatev.
  • I taught Ballroom Dancing and love it
  • Yes and yes. Ballet for 10 years.
  • Of course I can dance! I've never taken any lessons- it just came to me one day and since then I've been a dancing fanatic. It's a great work-out, too.
  • I would think that just about anyone with working legs and feet can dance. A better question is how skillfully can a person dance. Personally, the only dancing I have ever done has all been choreographed as part of some show with which I was involved. However, the last time I was involved in such a production was during my senior year of high school when I was a member of my school's Varsity Choir. I am not going to admit how many years ago that was. ;-)
  • I think I do really well with dancing. I used to be a cheerleader for 5 years, but on the side I choreographed my own dances. I did that for over 15 years. Whether I am good at dancing or not, I always say, "Everybody has their own opinion. I just love to dance." I have never taken lessons unless you count cheerleading lessons.
  • When I was about 12 I took lessons,but had a bad experience.My dance partner would stick her fingernails in my arms when I made mistakes.I was bleeding and stopped taking lessons on this dance style.
  • i can dance but dance can't me :p when i was in highschool i got flat 1 (in our country its 95-100 grade) in Physical Education with a lesson of ballroom dancing (lol) luck i think :x
  • I used to dance. I danced professionally for many years but only took a few lessons. Most of my training came from rehearsing for many shows.
  • Yes but pretty much all to Latin music. I was never comfortable dancing to american type music but would like to get over that.
  • Yes and yes I took lessons from the age of 5 until I was 16 :)
  • nope... and i took lessons from age 4 to age 12...

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