• Perl was originally named "Pearl", after "the pearl of great price" of Matthew 13:46. Creator Larry Wall wanted to give the language a short name with positive connotations, and claims he looked at (and rejected) every three- and four-letter word in the dictionary. He even thought of naming it after his wife Gloria. Before the language's official release, Wall discovered that there was already a programming language named Pearl, and changed the spelling of the name.
  • Perl - Practical Extraction and Report Language. Perl Facts * Perl is a stable, cross platform programming language. * It is used for mission critical projects in the public and private sectors. * Perl is Open Source software, licensed under its Artistic License, or the GNU General Public License (GPL). * Perl was created by Larry Wall. * Perl 1.0 was released to usenet's alt.comp.sources in 1987 * PC Magazine named Perl a finalist for its 1998 Technical Excellence Award in the Development Tool category. * Perl is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. Supported Operating Systems * Unix systems * Macintosh - (OS 7-9 and X) see The MacPerl Pages. * Windows - see ActiveState Tools Corp. * VMS * And many more...

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