• Well it kinda takes two to tango... you need a sperm and an egg... so them saying WE isn't that off... Plus many guys try and be involved in the whole process of pregnancy... I think it's kinda cool.
  • I think a guy saying "we're trying to get pregnant" is marginally less creepy than a guy saying "I'm trying to impregnate her with my seed."
  • I'm not sure if you know this but it takes two (hence the we) to propagate offspring.
  • It's a team thing. The whole team has to pitch in. Just like a baseball manager might say, "We're trying to win a ballgame here!" while he never picks up a bat or catches or throws a ball.
  • &lt;irony>Oh Mille, you're just way too sensitive and easy to rile. I can't stand it when people are that way. I mean it totally infuriates me. How can anybody get all worked up over a small thing!!! Sheesh.</irony> :)
  • Maybe you need a few deep breaths or a "chill pill" as my son would say. At least they aren't on AnswerBag wondering if they could be pregnant from having unprotected sex every day for three weeks with their cousin's sister's boyfriend's uncle.

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