• I don't think so, however, I would ask my doctor. 11. In the past month, have you taken any drugs prescribed by a physician? Any prescription drugs must be evaluated by the local NMDP representative when you join to find out why you are taking the medication. Acceptable medications include: birth control pills, thyroid medication (not for cancer), antihistamines, antibiotics, prescription eyedrops and topical medications. Anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications, such as diazepam and lithium, and hypertension medications, if there is no underlying cardiac disease, are acceptable if the condition is well controlled.
  • I am not a doctor, but they do take tests on you to make sure you are suitable for regular blood and plasma donations, and this is even more serious, so I would hope they would give you a thorough examination before accepting.
  • Each place may have different guidelines but as far as I am aware antidepressant drugs are allowed as long as the person's medical condition is under control.

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