• I do believe in it, though I wouldn't use the word believe, since it's existence is proven.
  • I think marriage is a good thing for partnership. I think people get married too much these days, though. It is a serious commitment, and I know if I get married my marriage will allow us to have sex with other people if we have permission from each other because I have such a high sex drive and know I alone could not completely satisfy my partner.
  • I think it's a beautiful thing and I have only to look to my friends Babycakes and Galeanda to know that it's true. They inspire me and make me want what they have.
  • Me and My wife have been married 21yrs now so yes we believe in it, the fact our pet T-Rex died means nothing =P
  • I do...Ive seen my ENTIRE family get married and stay married...and they were all beautiful togather and worked as a unit. They loved sharing time with each other, they were both family orientated...just beautiful. Just recently my grandfather passed away, my grandma was hurt deeply...but shes very good with acceptance, she said she wanted him cremated so when she passes he can be placed in the grave with her becuase... "We were always togather in life, were togather in heart, and well be togather in death" Beautiful people. I love it... The UNDERSTANDING of marriage has been lost, and the actual COMMITMENT. People are to shady now days and let vanity, and selfishness, and desire get in their way of actually loving another human being as themselves.
  • I believe in it 200%!
  • I do. And I hope that there's a female out there that not only is attracted to me but feels the same way about this question.
  • Yes, but I also beleive that two people can live happily together without marriage as well.
  • I'm thrilled to be married for 36 years to a terrific man, my one and only and that's the way we plan to stay. I know many people who take marriage seriously and care and nurture their relationship as their priority, as it should be if you are married. The rewards of this rich partnership are indescribable, the love and support, the companionship, the security, the understanding, the sheer fun and laughter...I can't imagine living any other way.
  • Nope! I support marriage all the way and would NOT live with a man any OTHER way! Frankly. . . .it's the concept of the "significant other" that bothers me. Sounds like just a "safe haven" until one or the other wants to boot someone out! I think it just SCREAMS fear of commitment! But. . . . .that's just MY opinion! I want, need , and LOVE a man committing his entire life to our declared love LEGALLY. If he CAN'T. . . . .then I ain't stick'n around!
  • I think that type of union is the basis to a successful society. When the family unit ceases to be strong the civilization is doomed. That corny saying it takes a family is true. To teach the youth the correct way to live you need a support system and the best type is the family NOT the government or the media.
  • I think you don't get it :). It's not about 'being happy every after' but rather about having some ally who helps you fend off your kids' latest attempt to bring home a tiger cub, having some backup protecting the yard from being burned down as an adverse effect of the 'Make-a-Volcano' school project while you are taking your regular afternoon nap and eventually, if everything goes well, having a reliable buddy to go feed ducks with when those little buggers finally grow up and move to the other side of the planet.
  • yeah i do
  • Yes i do think it went out with the dinosaurs, I dont see a difference in being married to someone and being in a long term relationship with someone. what changes besides your last name.
  • Do I believe marriage still exists? Yes. Do I believe it should still exist? Yes. Marriage is a very beautiful thing, and it is very sad when people make a mockery out of it.
  • I believe that it's not natural. But that it's so common place in society because of religious and social pressure, that people ignore the biology of it, and rationalize it away.
  • Yep, it still works. It was ordained to be so, and it is so.
  • My wife and i are not dinosaurs. We have been happily married for 43 years. Is called respect and committment to each other. The key is finding a person that you WANT to spend the rest of life with. You never say "i do" until you are absolutely sure. To tell someone "i love you" should never be taken lightly. once you say it, mean it and make it stick.
  • 2nd Answer. Listen to the song "Always and Forever". Once you have found a person that you can sing this song to, then you will realize that dinosaurs still do exist.
  • I think the idea went out with the dinosaurs for some, but not for me & my husband. :)   Though, I DO think that the "sharing their lives together and living happily ever after till death do us part" element of marriage takes MUCH more work and commitment from both spouses in the relationship than society would presently lend us to believe!   When my husband & I married, we both agreed that we would need to see a counselor every now & then for the benefit of our relationship working out smoothly. And we have done so, from time to time, along with taking an occasional marriage course & reading more about how to communicate in healthy patterns, etc.   We give our cars regular tune-ups; we do spring-cleaning on our houses, so why might anyone ever falsely imagine that the most important relationship in one's life needs any less dedication & work? (!)
  • Yes. Even though my ex-wife hurt me deeply, I have found someone who truly loves me, not just what I can do for them. I fully intend to stay with her until the day I die.
  • It's alive and well, but I don't go along. Me and my best gurl are happy as we are now, why would we need some stupid minister telling us we are? We're both Atheist anyway.
  • I do.... the problem is that people who really don't think they are still supposed to get married. if you do not believe in it DON"T DO IT!!!!!. and most certainly do not marry someone who believes in the treditional marriage if you do not.... oyu are only destroying their life
  • till death we shall be married.. For better and for worse.. through thick and through thin. In good times and in bad times. To grow to raise your own children. To live to see your grandchildren raised. And possibly even to see your great grandchildren raised. When you pass, you will see little bits of you and your spouse in all of them and perhaps remember that your parents and grandparents are also within all of them as well. You can see the whole surname lineage before your eyes going back to as far back as you can mentally remember... Is that good or is that too 'normal' to find enjoyable? As husband and wife, the parents of both would be 'tangents' to your children which are results of other sets of marriages of different surnames, etc.... I wonder if people get married with their and their children's futures in vision... Might they glimpse into 'how' it might be? And would they pray together for such a blessing to come about??? Or do they hand their children over into 'fate's' hands to deliver them whichsoever way 'fate' should desire? The children would be more of 'fate's' children than theirs it would seem if this were to happen..

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