• .....yessss....your gooooddd
  • 1978's " Invasion of the Body Snatchers " I've not read any of the Twilight books nor have seen any of the films. So, " Twilight " is not my favorite. :) +5
  • G-force is my favorite at present.To tell the truth,I am not quite like Twilight.It is too bloody to me.Well you can watch G-force at: If you also have an interest like me.
  • i think "Slumdog Millionaire" is a good one. that's my favourite right now. but other movies i'd recommend are "Definitely, Maybe", "The Proposal", "Disaster Movie", "Epic movie", "Meet The Spartans" etc.
  • Now and Then. its old...but everyone I've recommended it to LOVED it. it has rosie o'donnel, uhh crisina ricci...ETC. watch it=)
  • I've never seen twilight and i'm not bothered if i don't see either. +5
  • I'm a big movie fan and the list of just my favourites would give me CTS from typing... so... Twilight is not my favourite... I thought that it would be just the usual romance crap with a touch of vampire nonsense thrown in for good measure. My wife wanted to watch it... so I did, and I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it as well. I'm looking forward to "New Moon" when it comes out in a few months. If you liked Twilight try "The Hunger" (1983) or "Cat People" (1982). Both are romances with a touch of horror. Or, if you're just a movie fan... "North By Northwest" (1959) "Stir Crazy" (1980) "To Sir with Love" (1967) "Rio Bravo" (1959) 12 Monkeys (1995) "L'homme de Rio" (That Man From Rio)(1964) "Houseboat" (1958) ...are all good movies to try and because they're older you may not have seen them. They have aged well and are still "good" flics. Hope these help.
  • Yeah, it's amazing!=)
  • yeah,,, Its my favorite movie....this movie is also a very good movie to watch....
  • It's not my favorite but it's good :) +5
  • Dr. Strangelove ... & No.

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