• half blood prince only if your son has seen the first five movies allready... g-force if you haven't seen them... the potter seires can be scary if you don't see them in order.
  • I am a childminder to 2 families, and I have already seen both! I think the Harry Potter movie would be pretty exciting for 8 year olds, but I doubt they would really 'get it.' The 2 children I took are slightly older at 9 and 11 years, and they loved it, but they are already familiar with all the Harry Potter stories. I would lean towards G-Force for younger children, big kids (adults) will like it too- I really enjoyed it! here is a site with a movie trailer for each on the same page- which should be able to make your mind up.
  • Harry potter is popular with people all the time.It may be a good choice for teenagers. While Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince may not suit your child since he is only eight year old.So,I think G-Force will be better here.You can also watch both of them on the Internet in advance to make a choice.Here is a website that you can watch them

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