• Ever see intervention? That stuff is BAD for people BAD for the environment and BAD in general. I don't thin there is? Maybe invent something?
  • I have seen ones that are actually air. Not the propellant-laden cans you see in Officemax, but actuall refillable compressed air. Of course, air compressors often compress the water vapor in the air too so you have to watch that you refill it from a compressor that has some sort of water trap to get the moisture out. You don't want to spray moist air into your PC ;) There are also the ones that use the same CO2 mini-tanks that a BBgun uses. They aren't that bad on the environment. Figure, we mammals exhale CO2 all the time. Humans exhale about a kilo of the stuff every day.
  • I use a small pancake air compressor with 2 filters on it to make sure no water gets though, then a tune it down a bit so that its not to strong so as to do damage when I blow out the inside of PC, I haven't bought compressed air in maybe a yr or more, I bought it a habor fright for about 50.00 on sale and then spent another 30.00 in filters and hose and ends etc. Its been well worth. Its what we use in school also. And does a much better job in the long long, just be sure to hold a pencil in the edge of the fans to keep them from turning when you are blowing them out, on power supply, cpu etc as this blows at much high speed.
  • an air compressor with storage

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