• Yes, I have 3 dogs that just act like they would be talkers if they could.(lol)
  • No, I think I would like it if my dog could talk; she's very expressive looking and I think she would have a lot to say.
  • NO!, I would love it if my cat could talk and then he could tell me which damn can to open instead of me opening three and he still turns his nose up.
    • Boston Sports Fan
      Yes, same here.
  • Only like humans. I like it when they "dog talk" and "cat talk".
  • Yes. It's hard to get my two cents in as it is.
  • What do you mean can't talk? My dog talks to me all the time she told me to answer this question.
  • I'd love ffor my dog to talk. He's got such an expressive manner that I want to know what he actually thinks instead of me making up what I think he is saying!
  • No, I would love if my dog could talk.
  • I would love it if they could talk. I've always tried to get my dogs to say they love me. But there was only one of them that I swear said "I love" and I have it on video. My roomie watched the tape and she believes she heard it too.
  • My cats know all my secrets, so I'm glad they can't talk.
    • RareCatch
      Hello there Crystal Steel~Glad to meet you, glad you are here, just shoot me some lines. Nov 27
  • When my cat wants food it talks me silly.
  • no, i wouldve liked to have known what they were thinking
  • They have their ways of telling me how they feel and ways of asking for things. One of my cats puts his paw on my face and says "meow." He wants me to pet his face and head. Another cat says a very short hard "Whah" when he is hungry and another cat says a sweet "meyou" when she wants something. All animals have a way of communicating and "talking."
  • NO. For human and animals, talking is a way to express an emotion, so pets have the right to convey their mood as well. Although sometimes they annoy me (lol), it's also the time to find the reason. Maybe they are hungry, boring, sick, or in heat. What they talk is a signal of their feeling. Remember, "Love me, Love my dog"
  • I don't care. I never have wanted any of either, so it doesn't concern me.
  • no, i wish they could, i just wish hunnans couldnt talk

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