• My mom... Almost destroyed me.
  • Yeah, my grandfather died earlier and it affected my life in a couple of different ways.
  • My whole life was changed My son who Was just five died in May 2004. My Father died August 2005 My husband died December 2006. My Aunt who was like my second mother died March 2008. It has been 5 years in which my life has been completely ripped to shreds .
  • Some what, when i was growing up i was always close to my grandpa, when i was 7 we were kicked out of there house i didn't see my grandpa till i was 10 when i went to go see him he told me to leave.I didn't see my grandpa till i was 21, he kept calling me Doloris i said no granpa it's me ____ he looked at me and told me to leave that was the last time i saw him. i use to cry myself to sleep every night from the age of 7 till almost present day now, i always missed him but i didnt get to say by to him, we were not told that he died until the day before his wake i never made it to the wake on time i got lost and by the time i did make it there, they were already leaving to take him to the cemetary to be buried, i really felt like he forgot about me and it bothers me that i never got to see him or say bye.He was my comfort zone i felt protected when i was with him. when i was with him nothing bothered me and none could hurt me.
  • My best friend died in July,, My most awesome Mom and my closest , closest friend!!died in Nov. (same year) and right after my son was killed.... How? I just lost it.
  • Ten years ago, I lost three very important people in a six-month time frame. I thought that my whole world was going to end... But looking back now, I think that I just didn't know how to deal with things; and it had taken me about eight years to truly adjust to life without them. That is not at all to say that I have completely moved on, but I was given a better understanding of life and how easy it is to take things for granted. Then, a year ago today, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It's been three months since he's passed away, and though I'm young, I always swore to him that I would never get remarried. I intend to keep that promise, because it was the last one I made him, aside from the fact that I would forever love him; and I don't think it's at all fair of me to break a promise. But all things considered, with the loss of my husband, I have seen the beauty in life, in a very obscured way, and I am grateful for it. He's the reason I've decided to follow my heart and achieve my goals. He showed me the beauty of death, and that there is proof that angels exist. Even though he's not here, I know he's here in spirit; and I thank him each day for all of his love and support; and the blessings he gave me while he was here, in my life.
  • The death of my father, last year November! It was so sudden and it came as a shock to me. To all of us! One minute he was there... the next, Gone! I still think of him daily.
  • I have lost over 50 friends to parents and all of my family as well are gone...death is not a new experience for me.
  • The death of my girlfriend in car accident has affected so much as i feel i have lost some part of my body.
  • Yes. My father died of cancer last year. He had been ill for only 3 months. I was with him when he died and was looking right into his face as he actually died. I was very close to my father. I miss him everyday. And although I was glad I could be with him as he died, I wish I could remember him as he was and not just his face at that moment.
  • Yes, the death of my mother, who passed away 19 yrs. ago. It was unexpected for me. She was so young, was 45 yrs. old. She had a stroke, & it ended up being a fatal one. It was so hard at the time. And, she had passed away on my birthday. All is fine now though. Time heals.
  • My infant daughter. I think about her everyday, and cherish the only two pictures I have of her. I regret that her sister is growing up without her, that hurts me. But, I take tremendous joy in her big sister and how happy and well adjusted she is. We mention our baby girl often, kiss her picture, and absolutely refuse to let her fade into a distant memory. She will always be a part of our family.

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