• Well, cremated. I dont wanna be put in a box and left underground... Burn me, and then sprinkle me somewhere.
  • I'd rather be preserved, and displayed in a museum. Like taxidermy kinda.
  • Burned or dumped, never buried.
  • Once I'm dead, it doesn't matter to me. Right now, I'd rather be buried up like a tick.
  • burned to a crisp
  • Creamated, and spread over the Ganges.
  • doesn't matter in the least... i'm dead... I won't feel or remember a thing... I'll be somewhere else. whatever is cheapest for my family.
  • I am an organ donor so after they take what they want I really don’t care what they do with the rest of me. :)
  • Burned to a crisp no bugs for CSI!
  • Assuming you are referring to the time after my death, I have little interest. I don't want to be burned or buried before that, however. . Lee Hays, of the folk/protest group The Weavers, always said he wanted to be composted. . "He died on August 26, 1981 from diabetic cardiovascular disease at home in Croton. He was cremated and his ashes were mixed with his compost pile."-Quoted from Wiki
  • My choice would be cremation. Not burned to a crisp but reduced to ashes.
  • Its the crispy critter for, already spread the word.
  • I've got money set aside so that when I'm cremated, my remains will be compressed into a diamond and mounted on an heirloom. So burned to a crisp please.
  • When I'm dead, as far as I'm concerned my family could sell my body to ALPO or medical science and take the money they get for it and go out to dinner somewhere.
  • I'm not in that pile of meat so do with it what you want! I have moved on to a better place!
  • Burned to a crisp. There are several places where I want to be left when I'm dead, so cremating me and divvying the ashes appropriately is the best solution.
  • I have no preference either way. I vascillate between one and the other - there is a lovely green burial ground near me - where you can be buried in a wicker coffin and then bluebells grow over your body - no memorials, no gravemarkers, - the area is just returned to a woodland state. But.. as I have an interest in genealogy, I realise the importance of graveyards in searching for lost relatives. So, I will probably be buried with my family. There is no room in the plot, but we can have our asjes buried there. I stood there with my father and brother a couple of months ago, working out where our names will go - we have to die in order of seniority, to make the whole thing look neat *L*. But.. if cremation could be used to generate some energy from the heat of the body burning, then that would be good too!
  • Burned... It runs in my family.
  • 6 feet deep, as it is the Circle of Life, symbolizing that life is Eternal, both physically and spiritually.
  • Eaten. Not raw, not raw. Cooked. I'd be delicious with a few french fries, a bit of stuffing. Delicious! Look, you all eat me. Then, if you feel a bit guilty about it afterwards, you can dig a grave and you can throw up into it.
  • Whoa. Come to properly think about it, it's scary. To be frozen in the cold, or burnt hot. Neither.can I go straight to heaven?
  • I prefer to be part of the Earth 6 feet deep under the ground as part of a green burial in which there is minimal impact on the environment. Some people choose to have their body burnt into a jar but that’s their choice to have their physical body destroyed which I will never understand why although each of us are entitled to our own choices.

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