• I just had to do this very thing actually about a month ago...the tree had a disease and was well on its way to killing the other trees, so it had to be done...but yes, I did it, and if you chop it down, you better know your trig....if not, try to fell the tree instead and be careful of phone and power lines.
  • I would soooo call in the professionals for that job. They have the equipment to cut the tree down in smaller pieces if need be. Plus, they can haul away the unwanted bits.
  • I'm a very weak 66 year old lady, so no. However, I've watched the work people in our neighborhood, and what they do is start by cutting the branches from the top down, and then cut the trunk in several pieces from the top down as well. No one in a residential area would simply cut the tree down from the bottom like they do in the forest.
  • I can't cut a 2x4 with a handsaw without getting it bound up somehow.
  • Yeah, but first I'd get up on a ladder and tie a rope as high as I could manage, then have someone to the North of me pulling the rope just in case it didn't choose to fall the way I wanted.
  • Yes. It depends if the tree is hanging on either side. Maybe you will not have to use rope if the tree hangs to the north. You cut a wedge on the north side, and you cut it almost to the middle of the tree. Then you cut on the other side (south), and the tree (if it is strait, or is hanging to the north), should fall easily. If it hangs to the south, you will need to use a rope pulling on the other side, but if it hangs too much, (don't know actually in angles), you hire professionals to do the job.

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