• People who are abusive, arrogant, rude and feel the rules most others are supposed to abide by do not apply to them.
  • gothic people and emo people and suiciders and sissys
  • I don't know if there is a kind of person, but more like behaviors. I don't like it when people froget that there is a rest of the world and want everything to happen for them, and forget everyone else. Arrogance is definately high up on my list of things that I don't like. The thing is, some people have told me that I am arrogant sometimes, so maybe thats a quality that I see in myself and I don't like it...? Aha! moment, anyone? lol
  • People who don't understand why I do the things I do. More than that, people who challenge the things I do. "I don't care whether what I'm doing is right or wrong, how dare you question me!"
  • I but heads with people that think they know more than me or have better veiw on things. I don't mind your opinon but I think you should also respect mine. Also self loathing people I can not stand them.
  • Self-centered people, I can't stand conceit. I can't find anything appealing about insensitive individuals, and those who look down on others. Otherwise I get along with everyone.
  • At this waaay advanced age, I can't seem to deal with all-too-transparent *phonies* at all anymore! You know, the 'stuffed shirt' sanctimonious type. *F' 'um*! - ;-)
  • I have a list. Those that top it are the drama-causers, the one uppers, the egoists, and the snobby/conceited.
  • Normal people. They're boring. I like people with something wrong with them.
  • I do not get along with people who are lashing out at random people because they are not able to express there feelings in a normal way and are grumpy and push people away when people want to help or comfort them.
  • People who are "full" of themselves.
  • People that are not authentic and people who look down on others.
  • People who think they're better than me, arrogant and stuck up. One of my sister in-laws is that way. Mentioning that is giving the bitch too much credit.
  • Gee that's a tuff one because its never one thing, but alot of little things, that slam together very quickly and cause permanent structural damage in my "Its all good I feel ya" center in my brain. I don't really peice together what got me hitting the road faster than a speeding bullet, but when i do, i know it's because i just met someone i didn't get along wiht.
  • BS-ers who find it necessary to always have a better story than anyone else in the room regardless of how rediculous they sound. And power trippers... I REALLY hate them.
  • Fundies, racists, Repugs, bigots, ignorant ones
  • Religious wackjobs. The ones who hide behind their religion when you call them out onto the carpet for their obnoxiousness. "You just hate God!"
  • Yeah me too. People that are stuck up, love themselves or love the sound of there own voice.
  • I don't get along with most people. Humans, generally, are fake.
  • 7-29-2017 People who interrupt me. I turn around and walk away. They can't cope with that.
  • rude people which is what a lot of my neighbors are

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