• On a moral level; no On a social level; yes +4
  • Yes. Looks can get you noticed in the first place, bullied in high school or completely overlooked when someone worth your time comes along and sees what's inside :)
  • yes,we are constantly lying to them Father Christmas,tooth fairy....
  • Only to the really ugly kids.
  • To some extent - but depending upon their age and emotional state - saying those words may be the best thing for them to hear.
  • not really - because they dont matter to you / actually, in many cases looks really dont matter... moreso for men though. But I don't have kids
  • It depends why you're saying that in the first place.
  • Yes. Plain and simple.
  • I don't have kids, but I can't imagine why a parent would say this to their own kid. Don't you think your own kid is pretty? They are your kid after all. Did you marry a Sasquatch or something? I just don't get it. Telling your kid that looks don't matter is the equivalent of telling your own child you find them ugly. Kids aren't stupid you know, they can read between the lines. Point out what is attractive about them rather than trying to give them a complex. You should teach them to make the most of what they've got, which is all it really takes to get noticed.
  • A good lie, wouldn't you say?
  • Literally stated, yes we are. But the point to stress to children is the ideal - to promote them making decisions based upon people's merit and not their looks. The reality, however, is that people are ofgten descriminated based upon their looks... Just my opinion...
  • I would like to think we are not. If everyone start treating eachother with kindness, looks really would not matter at all. Until then, I will make sure that my family behaves that way and maybe we will influence a few others and then they will influence a few...and on and on it goes. Hopefully.
  • Yeah, but they already know that because of all the times we've told them they shouldn't lie ... and let them see us lie to others. It's not like they're surprised by any of this.
  • Most definitely. Unfortunately, statistically we are more likely to be successful if we are good looking, and if there are two equal candidates for a job, the good-looking one is more likely to get it. Looks aren't everything, but they do matter.
  • Not if you believe it. One may also may want to consider what it means to "not matter'. Is this in referance to being a good person, doing good works, trying to impress other people, and so forth. There may well be ways it would matter and ways it does not. There may be some that it matters greatly to, some to some and none to others. +5
  • A better take would be to tell them to take care of their minds and bodies and stay clean, attractive and healthy because others will percieve that. To get caught up in a certain look being more attractive physically is wrong and harmful.
  • Not if they're 'plain'?! ;-)
  • Yup! But that is one fact we know the kids will learn on their own and it is not something we want burden their minds with. You can improve your looks any time. But it takes a lot more effort to improve your personality and qualifications - so we just try to make sure they concentrate on those aspects first.
  • Yes we are. The simple truth is that looks do matter. This doesn't mean that they should... just that they do. It is an evolutionary thing.... just ask the peacock. Good looks help an animal to attract a mate and thus pass their genes on to future generations. However "good looks" are not the only thing that attract mates. If this were so, the human race would have bred out the plain and ugly genes long ago. So even though good looks matter... they're not the be all and end all. In fact... good looks can be a hinderance. In my experience many people who are good looking rely on that factor too much and will use it before using their brain. For example, a young attractive girl who finds out early in life that she can get anything she wants by looks alone, will have much less incentive to develop her mind. Not saying it's impossible... just that there is less need. Whereas a young plain girl may need to develop a fine mind in order to obtain her wants and desires. So to make a long story short... looks do matter, but not always in the way you'd think... or want. Hope this helps.
  • Obviously, but parents lie all the time. Just add this one to the pile of all the rest....or excuse it as a 'white lie' like Santy Claus, Tooth Fairy and so on.
  • Who says that to their kids?
  • In the end, looks don't really matter. But when trying to start a relationship a lot hinges on "the packaging". "Superficial" you might say. No, it isn't. We have to sell ourselves to the other person and that means putting your best foot forward. "Attractive packaging" is a well-known sales tool in the business world - it's the attention-getter. The same is true in personal relationships. High schools are traditionally full of kids who are somewhat less attractive on the outside but are friendly and kind and have a lot to offer on the inside. These kids get overlooked because people tend to judge by what they see - the "packaging".

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