• Well for high schoolers it is. When McDonalds is required to raise it's wages across the board, it's got to cut costs someplace. But the minimum wage is only a problem with service jobs. Who in America that has a career actually works for 7.50 an hour?
  • no!... they are needed to make sure the bosses pay a minimum amount of money for work done ...if bosses had their way they would love to pay as little as possible which the minimum wage is anyway but they would love to pay even less. Now if the minimum wage was dropped you could be working for 20 cents an hour just like they do in overseas sweat shops ... think about it
  • yes and when wages are fixed like now they cause inflation and cut the spending power of quote more skilled or long term workers.
  • no mwl are an obsticle to poverty and laziness in industrial practices

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